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Introducing Tokuyama’s Shield Force Plus®, the ultimate solution for long-lasting dental sensitivity relief. With its groundbreaking formula, this desensitizer offers up to 3 years of protection and boasts a quick and simple 30-second application process. Watch as Shield Force Plus® applies green, ensuring precision during application, and dries translucent for enhanced visibility. Elevate your dental procedures by pairing it with a bonding agent to experience not only sensitivity relief but also a noticeable improvement in bond strength. Trust Shield Force Plus® to provide your patients with the comfort they deserve and enhance the overall effectiveness of your dental treatments. Order now for a superior dental desensitizing experience.


  • Long-lasting Relief: Tokuyama’s Shield Force Plus® provides up to 3 years of continuous sensitivity relief, ensuring lasting comfort for patients.
  • Efficient Application: With a quick and simple 30-second application process, Shield Force Plus® streamlines dental procedures, saving valuable time for both practitioners and patients.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The desensitizer applies green and dries translucent, offering enhanced visibility during application and facilitating precise placement.
  • Improved Bond Strength: When used in conjunction with a bonding agent, Shield Force Plus® not only relieves sensitivity but also contributes to a noticeable improvement in bond strength, ensuring the longevity of restorations.
  • Reduced Post-operative Sensitivity: Patients will appreciate the reduced post-operative sensitivity, contributing to an overall positive dental experience.
  • Increased Confidence: Practitioners can trust Shield Force Plus® to deliver consistent results, enhancing their confidence in providing effective dental treatments.
  • Elevated Practice Efficiency: By incorporating Shield Force Plus® into dental procedures, practitioners can increase the overall efficiency of their practice, delivering high-quality care with ease.
  • Patient Comfort: Trust Shield Force Plus® to prioritize patient comfort, offering a superior dental desensitizing experience for enhanced satisfaction

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