Top Dental Health Quality Products Made in JAPAN

Tokuyama Dental is an award-winning Japanese manufacturer that is recognized for its quality and reliability in dental health products. We are 100% committed to Innovating Tomorrow’s Dentistry, Today™. It is our mission to listen to your needs, incorporate your voice into the development of top quality dental products, and ensure our products meet the highest standards of the industry.

A Global Dental Health Products Chemical Manufacturer

Tokuyama Dental is a subsidiary of Tokuyama Corporation, specializing in dental health products. With production plants and subsidiaries across the globe and more than 5,800 employees, Tokuyama Corporation is one of the largest and most advanced chemical and silicon manufacturers in the world.

Well-known for its research and development, cutting-edge technology, and innovative chemistry, Tokuyama Corporation applies a global network of experience and excellence across all of its product divisions around the world.

Worldwide Distribution

Tokuyama Dental operates in more than 30 countries with over 100 dealers worldwide.

Tokuyama Dental
JAPAN HQ Locations in Japan

Tokuyama Dental Corporate Video

Tokuyama is 100% committed to Innovating Tomorrow’s Dentistry, Today. Our spirit is embodied in five values which represent the very essence of Tokuyama, and will always continue to do so.

Innovation is in our DNA. Tokuyama Research and Development is dedicated to creating products that provide more efficient ways to satisfy the needs of Dental Professionals and their patients.

As a Japanese company, we strive for excellence. We are committed to develop the best solutions for the dental industry.

It is our top priority that Tokuyama Dental products consistently perform at or above clinical expectations. We have earned multiple awards and recognitions that validate our fixation on producing the top quality products.

We treat our customers like family, and as such, we are determined to offer quick and easy solutions for our customers. Providing superior customer service is our primary mission.

Tokuyama Dental is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility by contributing to economic development, while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families, as well as the local community and society at large.

Tokuyama Corporation HQ
Tokyo, Japan
Tokuyama Factory
Yamaguchi, Japan
Tsukuba Research Lab
Ibaraki, Japan