Dental Adhesives & Primers

You can trust Tokuyama for dental adhesives and primers. The Tokuyama family of adhesive and primer dental products will meet all dentist’s needs. Tokuyama Universal Bond is the only self-cure universal adhesive to bond all dental substrates without the need for additional primers or activators. With Tokuyama Universal Bond there’s no need to light cure for 10-20 seconds and no need to wait between placement and air-dry polymerization step.

Adhesives & Primers Adhesives & Primers

Tokuyama Universal Bond

8th Generation Universal Bonding Agent

Bond Force

7th Generation, Self-Etching Bonding Agent

One Up bond f plus

6th Generation, Self-Etching Bonding Agent

Tokuso Rebase Mr.Bond

Metal Primer for Self-Curing Acrylic Resin


Primer for Bonding Precious Metal to Resin