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Rebase II and Sofreliner Tough® offer several trustworthy options for chairside denture reline materials. Rebase II is a hard denture reline material with easy polishability and minimal odor. Sofreliner Tough® is offered in both Soft and Medium formulas, and is an addition-cured silicone material for relining dentures on patients that require relief on upper or lower, partial or full dentures. Tokuso® Rebase MR. Bond primes metal for bonding of self-curing acrylic resins with non-precious metals, while Silicone Remover can be used to remove silicone-based reline material from acrylic dentures.

Rebase II
Chairside And Laboratory Hard Denture Reline Material
Sofreliner Tough
Chairside And Laboratory Denture Reline Material
Silicone Remover
Agent for Removing Silicone-based Reliner from Acrylic Denture
Tokuso Rebase MR. Bond
Metal Primer for Self-Curing Acrylic Resin
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